Quality, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy

Miguel Gamón S.L. i Empresa Lax, S.L.U., we are a group of companies that offer comprehensive solutions to facilitate the mobility of people established in Lledia and Osca.

Our main objective is to offer our clients the maximum quality, comfort and safety on their trips, achieving their satisfaction and confidence. We want to do all this with the continuous improvement of environmental behavior, reducing the environmental impact until we achieve operational excellence and the highest quality of service and ensure the safety and occupational health of our workers.

In the group we are willing to go one step further and be a responsible company, integrating sustainable criteria in all our processes, betting on continuous improvement and providing the necessary resources to obtain the best results. We undertake to promote and ensure the correct implementation of our Policy and to continually expand and review the established objectives of improving quality of the environment, occupational health and safety, and road safety, reviewing them annually to verify their effectiveness. It is for this reason that we have an Integrated Management System for quality, environment and road safety, based on compliance with the ISO 9001, 14001, 39001, and UNE 13816 standards and those legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our Organization as well as other commitments to which the company voluntarily adheres.

Therefore, the company acquires the following commitments:

With the human team:

One of the most valuable assets within the organization, betting on their professional development, working to respect the human rights of workers and, especially, promoting equal opportunities and non-discrimination, guaranteeing occupational health and safety in all the jobs and providing the necessary resources so that all the information reaches the entire workforce and a team that is aware and involved with the Organization can be achieved. We make our workers aware of our Policy to promote continuous improvement through the training and awareness of the entire human team that is part of the Organization to improve their capabilities.

With the environment:

Minimizing the environmental impact generated by our activity, preventing pollution, properly managing waste, being more efficient in the consumption of resources, using the best available technologies, promoting constant innovation and making workers aware of good environmental practices.

With the clients:

Offering a quality and safety service and correct treatment by all our staff, to achieve their total satisfaction, through continuous improvement of the quality of our service and road safety.

With suppliers and collaborators:

Compliance with the agreements made and involving them in the activities and policy of the company.

With the community:

Adapting coaches for people with reduced mobility, making them 100% accessible and promoting collaboration with different local non-profit entities to achieve greater social sensitivity.


In order to provide a quick and effective response and meet the expectations of our customers, we believe that service standardization mechanisms are necessary, where action procedures are created that allow us to solve and control in the development of a service and in the that, in addition, there are some managers and people in charge of executing it.

For this reason, we collect ourselves in 4 major certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

Management system of the quality


Environmental Management System

UNE 13816:2003

Discretionary and regular transport of travelers by road


Road Safety Management System


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