Quality Policy

Quality, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

Miguel Gamón SL and Empresa Lax, S.L.U. , are companies established in the towns of Almenar and Torrefarrera. We are dedicated to the national and international road transport of passengers and goods. Our main objective is to offer our clients the highest levels of quality, comfort and safety during their journeys, so ensuring their satisfaction and trust.

At Miguel Gamón, S.L., our aim is to go one step further in terms of being a responsible company by integrating sustainability criteria into all our business processes, with a commitment to continued improvement and by providing the resources needed to obtain the best possible results. To this end we have adopted a Quality and Environmental Management System, which is based on the fulfilment of the ISO 9001, 14001, 39001 and  UNE 13816 and those legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our organisation, in addition to other commitments which the company fulfils voluntarily.
To this end the company has taken on the following commitments:

  • With our staff:One of the most valuable assets in our organisation, by investing in their professional development and by working to promote the equality of opportunities and non-discriminatory practices, guaranteeing safety and health in every area of the workplace and by providing them with all the resources necessary to ensure that all information reaches each and every employee, attaining team awareness with involvement in the company itself
  • With the environment: By minimizing the environmental impact caused by our activities, preventing pollution through the use of biodiesel in our entire vehicle float, undertaking the correct management of resources, by being more efficient in the consumption of resources, using the best technology available, promoting constant innovation and by ensuring that our staff are aware of good environmental practices.
  • With clients: Offering a service of quality and safety and proper treatment by all of our staff in order to achieve customer satisfaction for all our passengers.
  • With suppliers and partners: Fulfilment of the agreements made, ensuring their involvement in the company's activities and policies.
  • With the community: By adapting coaches for reduced mobility passengers, making them 100% accessible and by encouraging cooperation with numerous local non-profit organisations in order to ensure greater social awareness.

Miquel Gamón
Managing Director
Torrefarrera June 2019



In order to provide a rapid and effective policy, we believe that mechanisms for the standardisation of services are necessary. These operational procedures allow us to solve and monitor service performance, and include the assignment of responsible staff to ensure that their satisfactory completion. Our working procedures are backed by 4 important certificates.

For this reason we follow 4 large certifications:

  • Quality in the Discretional and Regular Passenger Road Transport UNE 13816:2003

Service Charter

Des de 1977 al teu servei




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